Frequently Asked Questions

My happy mugs are the ones which can give you happiness”

Q. What are my happy mugs?

  1. Happy mugs are the mugs with positive affirmations and beautiful matching illustrations to motivate you to step into a peaceful and positive lifestyle.

Q. Why should I own positive mugs?

  1. Because they can change your life. These mugs have already changed lives and will keep doing this to make this world beautiful.

Q. Can a simple mug change one's life?

  1. Yes of course. How many times a day do you hold a mug of tea or coffee in your hands? When you keep looking at the affirmations, they start creating positive and happy vibes in you. In some, it might take a few days and others longer. But it works.

Q. Which mug should I have?

  1. You can choose which one you think is needed for you. You can choose “I am a peaceful soul!” or “I am a powerful soul!” or if you are an entrepreneur, choose one with management skills or team building like “I have a very happy and supportive team!”

Q. Where we deliver?

  1. We deliver in mainland UK only. All deliveries are done via Royal mail. Happy mugs arrive within 4-7 days.

Q. How long it will take to get my happy mug?

  1. Delivery usually takes 4-7 working days in the mainland UK.

Q. How much is the delivery cost?

  1. Delivery starts from £1.20 which is delivery charge for one happy mug.

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